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Serious Grippage came from the humble beginnings of the grip and electric package that owner and founder, Greg Eichman, worked while he was a gaffer shooting commercials locally in New Mexico. However, by 1988, Greg saw a need for a fully functioning grip and electric rental house, expanding his inventory and landing us our first space in Santa Fe. By the mid-2000s, it was clear that we needed to expand down to Albuquerque and so we acquired a warehouse, even more gear, and a full fleet of grip trucks. 

Because of our 30+ years in the New Mexico film industry, we know better than any other rental house in town what it takes to get a project from start to finish. It’s why we take such pride in our gear, our work ethic, and our craft. We have worked hard building a reputation of customer service, over the years, that has allowed us to understand the New Mexico film landscape like few others. So while we are an equipment rental house, we are first and foremost filmmakers who are passionate about our craft and we look forward to sharing that passion with you. 

Ryan Alan Halsey

Owner / CLT / Cinematographer 

After graduating from VFS with a concentration in Cinematography, Ryan relocated to New Mexico in 2007 to join the indie film scene. Since that time, he has built a reputation both here at Serious and on set as a respected team and community leader, as well as being an invaluable wealth of knowledge in nearly all aspects of filmmaking.

Samantha Gordon

General Manager / Producer / Writer

Sam has been a member of the Serious family since 2010, working at the rental house while working on her BA in Media Arts from UNM and day-playing on set. While managing Serious, she has begun producing short and feature films, building her resume to one day create and produce her own content.

Rachel Buckley

Account Manager / Writer

Rachel began her pursuit of film making when she made the decision to attend VFS in her mid-twenties, shifting her career focus from the Seattle music industry to Cinematography. Upon graduating from the program, she relocated to Albuquerque to explore the creative opportunities the area offered. In the years since she has begun writing several scripts and has expanded her knowledge of the business side of film making through her position here at Serious.