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How long is the internship?

The internship is comprised of 40 hours, broken up however best fits your schedule. It’s nothing terribly formal, so whenever you can come in and knock out your hours works for us. We’re flexible.

So what do I get out of it?

As mentioned before, numerous industry professionals have passed through the “hallowed halls” of Serious Grippage. The internship is what got them started on their track to success. Serious is a great place to learn equipment, learn to work as team, and to rub elbows with the crew members who might just be able to get you your next (or even first) on set gig.

Can I intern for school credit?

The short answer–yes.

We pride ourselves on how closely we work with the local film programs, as we see ourselves as more than just a rental house. Current film students are already on their way to joining New Mexico’s diverse film community and we love supporting local talent in whatever way we can. Just let us know what you need from your instructors/professors and we’ll make sure that your internship hits all of those requirements.

Any chance of employment after the 40 hours?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a steady job after the internship is complete. What we can do though, is add you to our list of available people to call when we need extra hands around the shop, as well as recommend you for any potential freelance work that may pop up in the future.

Alright. How do I get started?

Getting started with us is very easy. Just come on in, give us your contact info, and let’s get to work. After each intern day, we’ll have you write down the number of hours you interned on a timecard so both of us can keep track of your 40 hours. It really is that simple!